FAO: The Headteacher

As the leading educational resource supplier, we understand the severe budget constraints faced by schools and have therefore decided to invest over £4 million to lower our prices to give you significantly better value.

Hundreds of our bestselling products are now significantly cheaper, and these are available online now. These prices will be online only to ensure you receive the most up-to-date prices. We’re starting with Stationery and Art & Craft products, because that’s where schools spend a significant amount of their budget.

No other supplier is doing this. However we realise that we must make this change to allow you to reinvest your savings back into your school.

In addition to this we have implemented a brand new online price comparison tool that will assist your school in securing best value. When you create a basket online, you can see how much you are saving by placing with us instead of The Consortium, TTS and KCS. This is designed to ensure you secure the best available price within the market - we are the only supplier offering you this time saving price comparison tool.

Your school should also consider whether you can save further by using our Switch & Save functionality – this will allow you to switch from big brand items to our own brand high quality, low cost Classmates alternative. We already provide over 7,000 schools with this leading range. When you add an item to your basket, we will offer you the Classmates alternative and show you how much you can save – ideal for saving even more on everyday essentials.

You can view the offer and product ranges here

Please share with your colleagues and surrounding schools so they can benefit from our investment – we want head teachers, school business managers and bursars to know that we are serious about saving schools money.

Kind Regards

Chris Mahady Managing DirectorChris Mahady Managing Director

Chris Mahady

Managing Director