Smart Ordering Has Arrived

We understand that sometimes you come up against barriers that can make it difficult to get the products you need. We have a range of solutions to help you solve these problems.

Whether you’re having to rekey everything, deal with paper order requests, email multiple people for authorisation or that you simply want a quicker purchasing process, we have a solution for you.

No matter how big or small your establishment is, we can save your staff time in some way

Share My Basket

Perfect For Teachers

  • Don’t need to be logged in to share
  • Sends basket to colleague by email
  • Consolidate multiple shared baskets
  • Import products in one click ready to buy
  • Adjust quantities, add/remove items as needed


Perfect For Nurseries

  • Send orders for approval via web
  • No integration & free to set up
  • Choose multiple authorisers
  • Control spend across multiple locations
  • Fully compliant with digital audit trail


Perfect For Schools

  • Website connects directly to your FMS system
  • Removes need to rekey orders
  • Discounts carry across from website automatically
  • Free to use and set up only takes 5 minutes
  • Gives full control on authorisation


Perfect For LEAs

  • Integrates with leading FMS systems
  • Create orders and authorise centrally
  • Orders processed immediately after approval
  • Dedicated team to support integration
  • Provides full audit trail

FMS Files

Not Really Perfect... 

  • Classic downloadable FMS Files
  • Updated on an annual basis
  • Static pricing in line with catalogues
  • For FMS systems not yet integrated with WebFMS
  • (…just ask us about WebFMS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost associated with setting these solutions up or using them?
Do I have to install or download any additional hardware or software?
Who do we speak to if we have any questions or need support once we are up and running?
Do any of these solutions allow us to review orders before they are placed in order to control budget spend?
Is free delivery still available when shopping through these eProcurement solutions?
Will we have support from your team during setup?